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Company Website Regulations

Company Description

Bon Voyage Ltd. was founded in 1985.

The Company has two branches in Israel.

Main office: 5 Bograshov Street, Tel Aviv

Jerusalem office: 20 Hahistadrut Street, Jerusalem (1st floor)

Bon Voyage Ltd. has IATA certification, number 37-201-21-6

Bon Voyage Ltd. is a mediator between the traveler and service providers, such as scheduled or charter flight providers, Israeli and foreign hotels, car rental companies, rides, VIP service, insurance, and organized tours that include flight, hotels, and transits (hereinafter: the “Groups”).


In any case where these regulations use the word “traveler” and/or “customer”, the intent is to any user of the site and/or visitor to the site (even if no services are purchased), including any visit for any purpose of any kind, and casual users and/or user who for any reason do not purchase services via the site.


Only people aged 18 and over may reserve tourism and travel services on the site.

A reservation made by a minor and not confirmed by his parents and/or guardian will not be refunded in any way by the Company.

The Company will have the right to demand from the minor, through his guardian, compensation for the expenses and/or damage liable to be caused by the abovementioned circumstances.

Since the company has the status of a travel agency, it is not responsible in any way for the provision of the services reserved by the customer from the Company via the site, including matching the details of the reservation with the actual service or the quality of the service.

If the Customer has any claims and/or demands with regard to the services provided by the service providers (airlines, hotels, etc.), the customer shall handle them directly with the service provider.

On this site, the customer may be able to establish a binding contract directly with the service providers of the Company, in which case broker and/or trust and/or contractual relations of any kind will not apply between the Company and the customer. Accordingly, the Company will have no liability for any claim that the customer may have with respect to the services, including the unsuitability, changes, flaws, non-provision of a service (in whole or in part), etc.


The Company will have the right, as part of the site, to refer the Customer directly to the site of the service provider and/or other relevant sites.

If the information appearing on this site originates from the service provider and/or another party, the Company will bear no responsibility for the correctness of the information and/or the details appearing therein, and the Customer will refrain from filing any complaint and/or demand against the Company for the service provided him.

By using the Company site, Customer gives his irrevocable consent to these regulations for all intents and purposes.

The user of this site declares and confirms that he is aware that the Company fully owns the intellectual property rights to the site, including everything appearing and included therein.

Reservation Agreement

We thank you for your reservation and we hope that you will enjoy the vacation and the service.

The services appearing on this site are solely provided at the responsibility of the service providers.

Bon Voyage Ltd. bears no liability for faults or improper performance of the services related to the service providers appearing on the site.

 Bon Voyage Ltd. bears no liability for strikes, weather, holidays, and so forth.

A reservation made on the site for tourism services of any kind constitutes agreement (electronic signature) to all the terms and restrictions mentioned in this Agreement.

It is hereby agreed that any claim and/or suit by a traveler against Bon Voyage Ltd. must be submitted in writing to the Company no later than 30 days from the date of the incident and in any event no later than 30 days after his return to Israel.

Procedure for handling a reservation

After choosing the suitable deal, type in the details of the reservation and pay.

Your reservation goes to the agent responsible at the office handling it with the relevant service providers, or it is approved automatically by the system.

A reservation is the request process must obtain final approval from the airlines, hotels, and service providers.

The agent responsible according to the time of the activity will deliver in writing or by email the final approval to the traveler. From the time the credit card and reservation are approved by the service provider, a cancellation fee will apply.

Handling procedure

Reservations made on the website, which reach the Company during office hours between 09:00, and 18:00 will be handled within two hours from the time the reservation is sent.

Reservations made on the website, which reach the Company after office hours, i.e. between 18:00 and 09:00 the next morning, will be handled by 12:00 the next day.

Reservations made on the website, which reach the Company on Fridays, and holiday eves between 09:00 and 11:00 will be handled within two hours from the time the reservation is sent.

Reservations made on the website which reach the Company on Saturday or a holiday will be handled by 12:00 on the next business day.

Know that until the reservation is approved in writing by the Company, the Company is not bound by it in any way!

Upon approval by the service provider, the agent responsible at the Company will coordinate with the Customer the manner for his receiving the documents and the Customer undertakes to receive them at the notified time and place.

Laws and restrictions – passport and visas

Before every reservation, you must be sure that you comply with the following conditions:

  1. There is no restriction against you from leaving the country or any impediment against your arrival in the country of your destination.
  2. You have a passport that is valid for at least six months from your date of return.
  3. Ensure the accuracy of the details of your passport.

A traveler who does not comply with the terms mentioned above will not be eligible for a refund/credit and his complaint will be rejected with no right of appeal.

The Customer must have a passport that is valid for at least six months from his date of return to his point of departure. He must also have an entry visa, if he is flying to countries requiring one.

The Customer must verify the accuracy of the ticket information as recorded in his passport before he confirms the reservation with the Company.

A traveler with Israeli citizenship must have a passport that is valid for at least six months from his estimated date of return to Israel.

The Company will not be responsible for anything related to any event of any kind concerning the traveler’s passport, including validity, foreign passports, laissez-passer, etc.

The Company advises the traveler to verify in advance with the Company and/or any other authorized party whether a visa is required for the destination country, taking into account the passport in his possession.

Non-use of the reservation

If the traveler does not appear to obtain the service reserved, inter alia, if after obtaining any kind of service (flights, hotels, car rental, etc.) for any reason, the traveler will be charged the full price of the service and the traveler may not make any claim and/or demand for compensation from the Company on this matter.

It is made clear that a delay in the provision of a service by the service providers is not under the control of the Company, and the Company therefore bears no liability, and the traveler must settle these matters directly with the service providers.

Flights – general

The traveler must verify when booking the reservation whether the flight is a scheduled or charter flight.

On charter flights, changes in the flight details are possible after the reservation is booked, including the flight times, route, and the airline undertaking the flight.

Liability for everything related to scheduled flights under the Aviation Services Law (Compensation and Assistance for Flight Cancellation or Change of Conditions), 5772-2012.

Liability for everything related to a flight, inter alia, with regard to luggage, its loss and other damage liable to be caused due to the flight, will be determined by the law and pursuant to the circumstances.

At least one business day before the flight time, the traveler should contract the airline and/or the Company and/or another service provider to check that there are no changes in the details of the flight and/or the service.

When booking the reservation, the traveler will provide his contract details for the purpose of receiving from the airline updates/changes.

Before departure, the traveler should obtain the medications and vaccinations in accordance with his destination, and the Company will bear no liability in this regard.

Airlines (scheduled/charter/low cost) require arriving at the check-in counter three hours before takeoff (check-in counters are closed one hour before takeoff). Bon Voyage Ltd. will not be liable in any way for arriving late to the flight and will not make a refund.

Airline ticket terms

The terms detailed below are an integral part of the airline ticket/s hereby delivered to you. Anywhere the word “passenger” is mentioned, the intention is to male/female and/or single/plural, etc.

  1. Since the Company has the status of travel agency, it is not responsible in any way for anything related to the provision of the services by the airline, including verification of the reservation details for the actual service, and the quality and nature of the service.
  2. Before arriving at the airport, the passenger shall verify the presence of all the following conditions:

a.There is no ban on leaving the country issued against the passenger, or any other impediment of any kind against his entry to the destination country.

b.He possesses a passport that is valid for at least six months after the return date (Israeli citizens must carry an Israeli passport), and the details in the passport are identical to the details on the airline ticket.

  1. If it turns out that the passenger has not fulfilled the conditions mentioned in paragraph 2 hereinabove, and/or has not appeared for the flight for any reason, he will be charged the full price for the service.
  2. Responsibility for everything related to the date of the flight will be pursuant to what is mentioned in the Aviation Services Law (Compensation and Assistance for Cancellation of a Flight or Change in its terms), 7572-2012, and the responsibility for everything involving the flight itself, inter alia, with respect to luggage, its loss, and other damage liable to be caused due to the flight, will be determined by the different aviation laws in accordance with the circumstances.
  1. The passenger will be charged for any cancellation and/or change in the flight details, pursuant to the policy of the airline, together with the handling fee of Bon Voyage. In many cases, the cancellation fee is 100% of the cost of the ticket.
  1. A cancellation will only be in writing to the company during office hours of the airline (09:00-15:30 on Monday-Thursday), pursuant to what is mentioned in the Consumer Protection Law, 5741-1981.

A notice of cancellation received after the office hours of the airline will be considered as being received on the next day that the offices of the airline are open.

If the airline has no offices in Israel, the cancellation policy will be in accordance with the policy of the airline, and the Consumer Protection Law will not apply.
  1. If an error has occurred in the flight details, and it is discovered on the same day from the date the ticket is delivered and at least at 6 p.m, the company has the right to correct the error and the passenger will have no claim against the company in this regard.
  1. Prices denominated in foreign currency will be paid at the highest transfer and check exchange rate on the actual day of payment.
  1. Until the payment is actually made in full for the ticket, the ticket will not be delivered and the passenger will have no claim against the company in this regard.
  1. The passenger is advised to independently buy a suitable insurance policy (body and property) in accordance with the travel destination and its character (ski, extreme sports, etc.)
  1. It is recommended to stay updated about specific instruction of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and/or the Ministry of Health about the destination country.
  1. In the event of a connecting flight, the passenger is responsible for immediately going to the departure gate of the connecting flight, and if there is no significant delay in landing, full responsibility for arriving late to the connecting flight will fall on the passenger, and the company will be exempt from any resulting damage and/or expense.

Pregnant women

Up to 28 weeks – a pregnant woman may fly without any need for permission, provided that her health condition does not jeopardize her or the fetus.

From 28 through 36 weeks – a pregnant woman must provide an up-to-date, dated within 48 hours of the flight, written medical permission from her obstetrician In English to airline representatives.

In week 36 and 37 – the airline will decide whether a pregnant may fly on a case-by-case basis in accordance with the condition of the woman.

From week 38 through birth – a pregnant woman is absolutely forbidden to fly. The airline will refuse to let her board the plane, and Bon Voyage Ltd. will be no liability or refund the customers for the cancellation of the flight under these circumstances.

In any event, the Company will bear no liability for any health problems of a pregnant traveler and/or for changes/cancellations requested by a pregnant passenger because of the pregnancy.

Scheduled flights

The flights are the sole responsibility of the airlines and this document may not derogate from their conditions. So long as the Customer does not use the ticket at all, Bon Voyage Ltd. has the right to make changes and/or cancellations at the request of the Customer. After the traveler has used some of the flights in the ticket and requests to change the date or destination or any other item with regard to his return flight, he may do so directly through Bon Voyage Ltd. or through the airlines, at an extra charge for the change and additional price in accordance with the policy of the airline and/or the Company.

Pursuant to the procedures of the airline and/or the Company, the Company reserves the right to charge every traveler a $30 handling fee for any change or cancellation or service plus payment from the airline in addition to the change/cancellation fee of the airline.

If a traveler wishes to change the flight time and/or route and the date of flight is at least 14 days from the date of the Customer’s request, the required change may be made in accordance with the cancellation policy of the airline.

The traveler must notify Bon Voyage Ltd. in advance about any special request with regard to a flight, such as kosher meals (may be ordered up to 24 hours before takeoff), seating, special equipment (which exceeds permitted dimensions/overweight), animals, medications, fragile objects, and so forth, so that the Company can notify the request to the airline. Any request of any kind is only a request, and Bon Voyage Ltd. is not responsible if the service is not provided and/or the airline rejects the request.


By law, airlines are permitted to overbook flights under exceptional circumstances, which are liable to cause changes in the flight time. The airline shall limit the inconvenience caused to the customer, and, of course, offer him alternatives and/or a refund. Bon Voyage Ltd. bears no liability for these incidents.

Online flight booking

The Customer must personally make the online check-in between three and thirty hours (depending on the airline’s policy) before takeoff and must bring the boarding pass to the flight.


Some flights on the Company site appear to certain destinations are code-sharing flights – a single code shared by different airlines – that include stops that are not mentioned in the travel route. If Bon Voyage receives information on this matter, it will notify the Customer in a timely manner.

Cancellation or change terms: there are flights for which the Customer will be charged a cancellation/change fee of 100% of the ticket in the event of a cancellation/change.

If the airline approves a scheduled flight cancellation/change for the customer, Bon Voyage Ltd. will charge the Customer a cancellation/change fee that will be binding on the airline, plus a $30 handling fee.

Charter flights

Flights are the sole responsibility of the airlines and this document may not derogate from their conditions.

Charter and low cost flights may offer limited and restricted services, as mentioned in the flight reservation, such as no meals, extra luggage charge, or a fee for reserving a seat in advance.

The airline may demand additional payments for various services, such as the ones mentioned hereinabove.

The flights are charter flights, so their details are not final and are liable to change, including destination, route, and the airline service provider. Bon Voyage Ltd. bears no liability for any inconvenience caused to the Customer for these changes.

Cancellation terms: there are flights for which no cancellation is possible and the Customer will be charged a 100% cancellation fee from the moment the reservation is booked.

If the terms permit a customer to cancel a charter flight, Bon Voyage Ltd. will charge the Customer a fee of 50% of the cost of the ticket up to 21 days before takeoff. If it is not possible to cancel a charter flight from 21 days before takeoff, the Customer will be charged a 100% cancellation fee.


Check-in and check-out are pursuant to the policy of each hotel (check-in usually from 14:00 and check-out is usually before 11:00).

The number of guests in each room reserved will be as stated in the reservation and confirmed by the hotel on the basis of the hotel’s policy.

The details of the room reservation will be as stated in the reservation and the hotel policy, and the Company will bear no liability for any discrepancies between the details of the reservation and the details of the actual room.

The traveler shall be aware of the right of the hotel and/or foreign service provider to change the details of the hotel reservation in terms of the hotel itself, the kind of room, etc., inter alia, switching the traveler to a different hotel of the same or higher quality, without the Company being involved and/or bearing any liability for these changes.

The Company is not liable for the quality of the services provided by the hotel, including the floor, air conditioning, or appliances in the room, and everything will be undertaken in accordance with the hotel policy and the details of the reservation.

Israeli and foreign hotels are rated by the local Ministry of Tourism and hotels in different countries are not comparable.

A traveler asking to bring forward his check-in or to delay his check-out must request this in advance from Bon Voyage Ltd or directly from the hotel, and the change will be made only after obtaining permission from the hotel and confirmation of the extra cost, if any. It is made clear that the hotel is not obliged to approve such changes, and most cases involve a fee.

A Customer due to arrive at a hotel after 18:00 will notify Bon Voyage Ltd or the hotel directly so his reservation will not be cancelled.

Any special request by the Customer about any details of the reservation (rooms/floor/type of room/ adjacent rooms or communicating door/separate or double beds/additional bed/etc.) will be sent to the hotel to obtain approval. The hotel is not obliged to approve the request. In any event, Bon Voyage Ltd. will bear no liability with regard to the request, its approval, or fulfillment in practice.

The Customer will examine the hospitality details; i.e. on the basis of bed and breakfast, half board or full board, or all included.

The hotel will demand additional payment for meals listed on the site and explicitly requested in the reservation.

Bon Voyage Ltd. bears no liability for the additional payment charged the Customer for hotel facilities, such as the spa and fitness room, if they are the terms of the hotel. The same is true for services such as Wi-Fi, parking, fax, and anything that the hotel offers as “extra”.

Cancellation terms: there are hotels whose policy is to charge the Customer a 100% cancellation fee from the moment of the traveler’s reservation, and he should take this into account before booking and confirming the reservation.

The traveler will be charged pursuant to the cancellation policy. Bon Voyage Ltd. will also have the right to charge the traveler an additional payment for the cancellation fee in the amount of one overnight, in addition to the cancellation fee demanded by the hotel/service provider.

Car rental

The Customer will accurately fill out all the details requested when booking the reservation in order to avoid inconvenience and/or refusal when the car is delivered. Car rental companies usually require the customer to be at least 21 years old and to have had a valid driver’s license for at least two years. In cases of renting a larger car (a larger engine), the service provide may demand a higher minimum age and longer valid driver’s license.

Verify the car rental terms in advance with the rental company.

The Customer must have an international driver’s license and credit card in his name (a credit card in another person’s name will not be accepted when delivering the car). The credit card must be an international card with prominent numbers and, of course, there must be a sufficient balance when the service provider withdraws the guarantee.

There are returning locations, such as airports, which charge customers airport taxes. If a customer picks up and/or returns a car at one of these airports, he will be charged directly by the service provider.

If the Customer does not meet these criteria, the reservation will be cancelled and the Customer will bear the cancellation fee.

The traveler may be charged fees for traveling between countries during the car rental period (even if the car is returned in the same country where it was picked up).

Please note that the car rental services at Geneva Airport, which straddles the French-Swiss border) have offices on both sides of the border in each country, and it is necessary to pick up and return the car in the same country to avoid unnecessary charges.

VIP service

The service is only provided on departure from/return to Israel.

It is possible to order the service for one or more people up to 24 hours in advance.

The Customer should check, before booking the reservation, the details of his ticket and destination. If a mistake has occurred in the details provided by the Customer when booking the reservation, he will bear the full cost without any right for credit.

Cancellation and/or change terms

Cancellation/change fees apply to every reservation pursuant to the terms of the various service providers.

Any cancellation will be made pursuant to the terms set in law, including the Consumer Protection Law, 5741-1981, at the times and conditions set in the law, such as giving 14 days notice from the date of the transaction and on the condition that at least seven business days have elapsed between the cancellation date and the exercise date and provided that said cancellation is made at least business seven days earlier. The transaction will be cancelled in writing and sent by fax or email or delivered by hand to the Company offices.

If the traveler has the right to cancel the transaction, he will be charged in an amount not exceeding 5% of the cost of the transaction or NIS 100 for each traveler listed in the service reservation, whichever is lower and subject to the law.

If the notice cancelling the transaction is made late, i.e. fewer than seven business days as mentioned above, the traveler will be charged a cancellation fee pursuant to the policy of the airlines, hotel providers, or other tourism service providers, including the Company.

With regard to cancellation date, a date will be determined for receiving the notice by the Company, unless it is a day of rest and/or a day when the Company offices are closed, in which case the date of receipt of the notice will be considered the first subsequent day when the offices are opened.

It is made clear that in the case of a reservation from a foreign company, if the foreign company has representation in Israel, consumer protection laws will apply. If the foreign company has no representation in Israel, the cancellation policy will be pursuant to the policy of the airline and consumer protection laws will not apply.

The Company wishes to bring to the attention of the traveler that it is possible to purchase traveler’s insurance that cover cancelation of the trip for medical or other reasons mentioned in the policy.

Any change not made in writing or on the basis of written approval by the Company and/or the service providers will not be valid and will not be binding on the Company and/or the service providers.

Bon Voyage Ltd. has the right to cancel a transaction:

  1. If an error has occurred in the quote, either in the price or the description of the product.
  2. In the event of a technical or other error.



If a cancellation has been made on which the Consumer Protection Law does not apply, the traveler will be eligible for a refund within 45 business days from the date the cancellation notice is received only in the currency in which the transaction was made, and after deducting cancellation fees, change fees, registration fees, and credit commissions. If the cancellation is by an organized party and subject to its approval and refund of the full amount sent by the organized party, the traveler will be refunded the full amount only in the currency in which the transaction was made.


The Company is not responsible for the prices listed on the site, and changes in these prices are possible from time to time with no advance notice on the basis of decisions by the services providers, because of, inter alia, changes in currency exchange rates, changes in airport taxes/fuel excise, or updates to the prices of the service provider.

Upon receipt of written approval from the traveler to fulfill the reservation and obtaining the details of the means of payment, changes in the prices of service reserved may occur.

Prices denominated in a foreign currency will be paid on the basis of the transactions and checks exchange rate on the date of the actual payment.

On its site, Bon Voyage Ltd. offers prices in different currencies, which are liable to change from time to time.

Use of Customer data

When a customer makes a reservation via the site, he provides details such as email and telephone number, which the Company will use to update the Customer about suitable sales campaigns for him and registration on the site constitutes the Customer’s consent to receive emails until he notifies otherwise.

If the Customer does not want this, he should simply press on the link at the bottom of the newsletter, and he will be removed from the distribution list.

Bon Voyage Ltd. undertakes not to transfer/sell/replace information about its customers. The Company is not share information about a reservation with any other party or organization unless it obtains explicit permission to do so directly from the Customer, or where the law requires, to provide information to an authorized agency.

Terms of payment

 Payment via the site of Bon Voyage Ltd. (www.bon-voyage.co.il) is only possible by credit card. The Company has the right to declare at its discretion that it does not work with a particular credit card company.

The site of Bon Voyage Ltd. operates pursuant to the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard.

When paying, a Customer may choose one of three currencies and three payment options.

Privacy Policy


Who is a Party?

We, Bon Voyage Ltd., the site operators, and our contact information appear on the site.

What privacy information is kept?

We keep information identifying the traveler: name, mailing address, email address, IP address, the visited pages, and any other information that the traveler will provide with the knowledge that we will keep it.

What privacy information is not kept?

Location, internet provider, etc.

What information is not kept?

Information about race, faith, and credit card details, unless the traveler is notified otherwise.

How is the information processed?

The information is process by the system, including all accumulated personal and impersonal information, which the system uses to create a traveler profile that allows us to offer him/her the best service. The accumulated information also allows us to offer the traveler advertisements or content of interest to him/her. The Company may also share with other relevant parties, allowing them to store cookies on the computers. The traveler should check the privacy policies of these parties.

To whom is the information given?

The information is only given to Company employees who have signed standard confidentiality agreements with the Company. We will have the right to share with other relevant parties with which we have relevant commercial relations for operating the site and/or with any party requested by the traveler. We will also comply with any legal request for information made by a public agency.

What use is made of the information?

The information is used to create a profile of the traveler and for advertising, marketing, and sales, for analysis of how the website is used, improving the products and services offered and customizing the content on the site. If the traveler allows the Company to use his/her personal information, the use will be made accordingly.

We wish to draw your attention that the site uses cookies.

Cookies are text files that your browser creates when entering the site, assuming that your browser definitions permit it.

We use cookies to gather anonymous data we need for the regular, proper, and optimal operation of the site, secure data and protect information (hereinafter: “the information”). The cookies include diverse information, such as the pages you visited on the site, how long you spent on the site, how you reached the site, and the sections and information you used while on the site.

This information makes it possible to adjust the site to your personal preferences and make it easier to use.

We may use the information to present notices and offers about different Company products and services during your visit to the site and/or when visiting other sites.

In addition, the cookies are sometimes used to obviate the need to update your personal details, and where you are requested to do so, during a repeat visit to relevant sections on the site which require the registration and inputting of details.

The information in the cookies files is encrypted. We take care to ensure that only the Company’s computers can read and understand the information stored in them.

Some of the cookies will expire when the browser is closed, but others may be saved on the hard drive.

If you do not wish to receive cookies, you can block and/or delete the option by changing your browser definitions. However, you should know that blocking this option may result in your inability to benefit from some of the functions and services on the site or other sites, depending on the browser definitions.

Company liability

The Company operates as an emissary on behalf of travelers to establish a binding legal connection between the traveler and the actual service providers.

Therefore, the Company bears no liability of any kind with regard to the tourism services reserved by the travelers, including the provision of the service, its quality, faults or flaws.

Any claim and/or demand of a traveler with regard to a service reserved via the site must be sent to the Company in writing within 14 days from the incident that is the subject of the claim.


The traveler should independently purchase suitable insurance (body and property) based on the destination and nature of the trip (skiing, extreme sports, etc.).

In the event of an incident that causes the traveler damage, the traveler should contact the insurance company directly and act pursuant to the terms of the insurance policy.

Bon Voyage Ltd. collaborates with Imagest Finance Ltd. To obtain insurance, you may call tel. 03-5226030 or go to the Imagest website at www.imagest.co.il (FR).


Updated travel advisories

For detailed information by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs about travel advisories, please go to its website here:


For detailed information about Ministry of Health regulations for travel vaccinations, please go to its website here:

Thank you and have a pleasant trip.


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