Croisière en Alaska

200€ de réduction par cabine pour toute réservation !


Du 12 au 19 Août 2018 - Croisière de 8 jours de rêve !

Croisière de Luxe Glatt Casher - Guide Rabbi Dov Shacahr

For more than 140 years, Holland America Line has been a recognized leader in cruising. If you are looking for some of the most spacious and comfortable ships at sea, award-winning service, exquisite dining, extensiveactivities and enrichment programs and compelling worldwide itineraries, you've come to the right place.

Description du bateau

MS Amsterdam Cruise Ship by Holland America is a 1,380 passenger ship sailing the world from Africa to the Caribbean to Alaska. Destinations change throughout the calender year. The ship has a 3,675 square foot casino, exceptional cuisine, entertainment, activities and spa. Onboard activities abound, including exclusive BBC Earth Experiences: learn about the ocean and natural world through amazing concerts, films, shows, and children’s activities. Hone video-editing, movie-making, and scrapbook skills in the Digital Workshop powered by Windows®, rejuvenate at our Greenhouse Spa, go to a wine tasting or simply relax and unwind.


■ The Cruise features the highest level of Kashrut : 100% MEHADRIN and 100% CHOLOV YISRAEL.
■ We provide four gourmet meals a day, a separate dining room where our meals are cooked by the best chefs on the ships.
■ Our chefs work under the close supervision of four Mashgichim, watching on our behalf and all products are Glatt Kosher and stored in refrigerators and freezers that are locked and are at all times under the supervision of the Mashgichim.


During the voyage, we have exclusive use of our own synagogue for three daily prayers, Torah and Torah classes are also provided at regular intervals.

Itinéraires & destinations

Le départ est prévu le 12/08/2018 du port de Seattle.

Date Escales Arrivée Départ
Dimanche 12 Août Seattle - Pudget Sound - 16:00
Lundi 13 Août Navigation - -
Mardi 14 Août Juneau 13:00 21:00
Mercredi 15 Août Hubbard Glacier 14:00 18:00
Jeudi 16 Août Sitka 8:00 16:00
Vendredi 17 Août Ketchikan 7:00 13:00
Samedi 18 Août Victoria / Canada - -
Dimanche 19 Août Seattle 7:00 -
- - - -

Description du programme

Jour 1

In the early afternoon, we will board the Holland America Cruise Ship. The voyage will start through the Puget Sound.


Spend the entire day cruising the Inside Passage, one of the worlds’ famous waterways.


Stephens Passage is a long stretch of dark water filling the gap between mountain ranges in Southeast Alaska. The water is deadly cold and rich with sea life. Fog and low clouds usually hang in the Passage, which is an arm of the Pacific. Fjords with emerald rivers pour in and it is lined with conifers, blue stone and rocky hollows. It is indescribably beautiful. On a chilly day, with low-hanging fog, you can see pods of Orca knifing through brackish inlets; humpback whales, their flukes high, plunging towards the ocean floor; clear water gushing from crevasses; brown bears with cubs scouring thebeaches for salmon remains; bald eagles; hundreds of birds, their calls filling the air. The wilderness almost inviolate.
In the morning we'll arrive at Alaska’s scenic capital city, Juneau. We will explore the city and the Capitol Building. Auke Lake. View the Mendenhall Glacier, a river of ice with rugged crevasses and a distinctive blue color, and we will learn about the lifecycle of salmon and hatchery operations.


Stretching over 90 miles long and covering over 1,350 square miles in area, Hubbard Glacier is the largest tidewater glacier in North America. It is also one of the most impressive, a 300-foot wall of ice rising sheer and jagged from the ocean. You may hear the rumble and see the monumental splash as the glacier severs into great ice chunks, known as "calves."

Jour 5 -SITKA

One look at lovely Sitka and you'll know why Alexander Baranof, governor of the Russian American Company, decided to build his "castle" here. With views of island-studded waters and stately spruce forests reaching to the water's edge, Sitka is considered Alaska's most beautiful seaside town. Sitka's past is a unique blend of Tlingit culture and Russian history. The historic and scenic community is situated on Baranof Island, nestled between forested mountains and the great Pacific Ocean, on the outer waters of Alaska's Inside Passage. Sitka offers a combination of Native culture, Russian history, and Alaskan wilderness which will provide a diverse and unequaled experience. Sitka lies at the heart of the largest temperate rain forest in the world, the Tongass National Forest. Enjoy the fresh outdoors on well-marked mountain trails. Take to the water for a picturesque boat trip or kayaking adventure among nearby islands or charter a boat to nearby


We'll arrive at Ketchikan, the salmon capital. The town is built along a steep hillside, part built on pilings over the water where bald eagles watch from waterside perches. An outstanding collection of totem poles makes the town an essential stop for anyone interested in native art..


Shabbat morning is a day of relaxation as the cruise sails back towards Seattle. Take advantage of the ship’s many outstanding facilities, or simply relax on deck with a drink and watch unmatched scenery glide by. In the evening (after Shabbos) we will stop in Victoria/Canada - This intimate, sophisticated seaside City is the vacation capital of Canada and the premiere tourist spot in the Pacific Northwest. Victoria is situated on the southern tip of Vancouver Island and sparkles in one of Canada's mildest climates. This area is the sunniest spot in the province and the gentlest in the country in terms of climate, environment, and lifestyle. Victoria's unique character is deeply rooted in its 150-year history -- a history full of colorful people and fascinating tales. The city's British colonial heritage is still very much in evidence, but contemporary Victoria has a distinctly Pacific northwest flavor. Today, Victoria is best known as the capital city of British Columbia, and as a world-renowned tourism destination. One of the most visitor-friendly cities anywhere, Victoria is also one of Canada's favorite places to call home. Greater Victoria and its outlying areas now have a population of 300,000, and the one-time colonial outpost is alive with cosmopolitan dining, superb shopping, a colorful nightlife and a full complement of cultural offerings.

Jour 8 - Arriving in Seattle

Arriving in Seattle in the morning 7:00.

Cabines & Suites

Cabine intérieure

Prix par personne
1990€ 1890€

Cabine vue mer

Prix par personne
2190€ 2090€

Les prix ne comprennent pas les vols, les escales, les visites, l’assurance voyage et les pourboires.

■ Travel insurance and personal expenses
■ A shipping tax of $ 13.5 per day will be paid by ship (to hand over a credit card to the ship).
■ For the waiters and chamberlains.
■ Beach tours.


Pour plus d'informations ou réservation de notre croisière luxe en Alaska sur le bateau "Ms Amsterdam" contactez nous au 03 725 1000 depuis Israël, ou au depuis la France
ou par mail en cliquant ici

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